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Portrait squared
3 March 2010

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Pireaus port
24 February 2010

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Ladonas lake
10 May 2008

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Backyard Tennis
5 May 2008

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Circle of light
2 May 2008

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19 April 2008

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Almond tree blossoms
18 March 2008

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Silvana's Horses
14 March 2008

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Pavement coffee
2 March 2008

Recent Comments

Shaahin Bahremand on Portrait squared
great portrait

DIMITRIOS on Portrait squared

Dimitrios, think positive. on Portrait squared

olivier Paillet on Portrait squared
Very nice, artistic and original ! Well done !

Rags on Portrait squared
Cool concept.

Benkirane Thami on Portrait squared
Le modèle et sa représentation! J'aime bien ces 6 yeux qui nous regardent ! Bonne journée ...

k@ on Portrait squared
Clever one ;)

Alan on Eleni
I like the drama of the space. Just apt for the subject to look upwards.

Curly on Eleni
These "people in the corner" shots are developing quite strong emotive overtones Alexandros.

Srujan Chennupati on Eleni
Lovely shot, Alexandrs. Why did you choose to have so much of space on the top of the frame, just wanted know.

Benkirane Thami on Eva
Eva derrière les barreaux s'apprête à se faire la belle ! Bon début de semaine ...

dang on Walking back together
I really like the black & white for this shot. The movement, and darkness add a good feel to it. Wonderful, ...

Benkirane Thami on Athena
Est-ce l'expression du vent qui soufflait fort ce jour là ?! Bonne fin de semaine lumineuse et chaleureuse!

Curly on Port dancer
This, somehow, needs to be lifted out of the shadows. There is a good picture here just waiting to be rescued.

Benkirane Thami on Port dancer
J'aime bien le jeu de la couleur jaune qui rime avec le bas de la robe de la danseuse! Bonne journée ...

Maeva on Ferry to Lixouri

Maeva on Fighting flames
wow !

Maeva on Beach life

Maeva on Corfu city sky
i love this piicture

Benkirane Thami on Pireaus port
Lignes et masses s'harmonisent avec ce ciel animé par les nuages! Bonne nuit bien au chaud!

Charles Dastodd on Master of the Caravan
really nice capture! i really like the tones here

Reflecteur on Corfu city sky
Very great shot! Well done!

Laura Abigail on Master of the Caravan
great shot!

retouching on Master of the Caravan
Great colour toning in this photo

psampaz on Corfu city sky
Worderful photograph! Εκπληκτική γωνία ...

dkc on Corfu city sky
So beautiful colors and composition!

artfish on Master of the Caravan
Ωραία εικόνα !

Dimitrios on Master of the Caravan
cool frame, hope you are well

Eleftheria! on Corfu city sky

Ken Conger on Master of the Caravan
You have a great diversity of quality images! Enjoyed looking through your posts.

Kevrekidis on Corfu city sky
Wonderful shot!!! Great POV!!!!

Howard F. on Fighting flames
A familiar sight for people living in Los Angeles, California as well, we too have a Mediterranean climate and it is a ...

lucie on Corfu city sky
great point of view very fun.

ZmAjEvA on Corfu city sky
Fantastic! :)

bm on Ferry to Lixouri
awesome colors and with the boat's side in the middle, it almost looks like two separate shots...very unique.

bm on Corfu city sky
this is brilliant - the narrow view of the deep blue sky and the vivid yellow of the walls, with the sheets...just ...

bm on Master of the Caravan
Great composition!

pierre on Corfu city sky
you catch a right view ! great frame and perfect control of the light.

yiannis krikis on Corfu city sky
excellent pov and great place

Nicole on Corfu city sky
Wow great colors! I really miss great architecture like this - buildings in Japan never quite have the same character.

Barbara on Beach life
Excellent image. I like the angle and light on the skin.

Stefan on Beach life
great angle, great shot!

Evi on Beach life
Εντυπωσιάστηκα! Μπράβο ...

Nataly on Beach life
Beautiful composition!

Alun Lambert on Beach life
great image

yiannis krikis on Beach life
all the summer in a picture

bm on Beach life
Wicked shot and the B&W makes it very unique

Pavla on Fighting flames
Amazing photo!

mat on Beach life
nice shot

paulski on Beach life
great perspective; takes the ordinary and makes it very intriguing. well done...

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